IMG_0836Welcome to my blog! My name is Dr. Suzanne Osborne and I am a research scientist. For several years now I have held an interest in communicating science to others and the goal of this blog was twofold; to share my passion and understanding of science with others and to practice translating the technical jargon of science for others to understand. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and I welcome feedback and constructive criticism.

I completed my Honors Bachelor of Science with a major in Biochemistry and specialization in molecular biology at McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada). Here I completed courses in diverse biomedical topics including biochemistry, biology, organic chemistry, microbial and eukaryotic genetics, immunology, health care ethics and cultural health care practices.

I decided to remain at McMaster University in the Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences department for my doctoral training under the supervision of Dr. Brian K. Coombes. Here my research focused on the evolution, molecular biology and genetic regulation in the bacteria Salmonella. While here I published 8 peer-reviewed journal articles and attended 9 international conferences. I was the recipient of numberous graduate excellence and publication awards. As well I was the recipient of Canada’s most prestigious Vanier Graduate Scholarship where I ranked within the top 2% of all nominated applicants. During my graduate training I worked as a teaching assistant and mentor for several undergraduate students. I graduated with my doctorate degree in August 2012.

I am currently continuing my research training as a Research Fellow in the Cell Biology Department at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto under the supervision of Dr. John. Brumell. Here I was the recipient of the SickKids Restracomp Fellowship and the William P. Wilder Fellowship. More recently I was awarded the Banting Fellowship, Canada’s most prestigious fellowship. Here my research has focused on understanding how the bacteria Listeria is able to manipulate critical pathways in our cells to cause disease. I have already co-authored one publication and am working towards a first author paper currently.

In addition to my graduate training I have pursued an interest in scientific communications. I am a major contributing writer for Global Food Safety Resource Inc. on topics related to food safety. I have additionally contributed to the peer-review of scientific literature. I am currently the co-Editor in Chief for the Health Science Inquiry; a national graduate student journal.

In my spare time (what spare time?) I write grants for and volunteer at a local therapeutic riding centre (TEAD) for disabled persons. I am also an avid equestrian and do dressage training several days a week. I am learning about home improvements as I make my way through a house reno. I enjoy a glass of wine with friends and walks at the dog park!

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